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FLY BOATS (14'-18')
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Most boat models available with 360 or 3/4 rowers bench.
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16' Fly Fishing Bench

The Flyfishing Bench is ClackaCraft's most versatile boat. It's designed to handle serious whitewater with a full load of passengers and gear. The Fly Fishing Bench can be set up to carry two passengers on the front bench seat or one fore and one aft for fly or drift fishing as you float. Adjustable seat positions for both passengers' and rower's benches allow this boat to be perfectly balanced. Generous dry storage is provided under the rower's seat, and passengers' bench, and in the rear pedestal. Built-in rod storage is standard. This boat will allow you to do it all - fly fish, drift or bobber fish, and plug.
Gunwales 17' 4"
Centerline 15' 10"
Beam 83"
Oar Lock Height 25"
Bottom Width 57"
Side Height 23"
Weight Approx. 285 lbs.
Motor 10 H.P.
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