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Most boat models available with 360 or 3/4 rowers bench.
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16’ High Side

At ClackaCraft, we always pay attention to the requests of our customers. Over the past several years we have been asked to build a boat that would satisfy the demands of big white water enthusiasts.

To do this we raised the sides of our 16' Salmon / Steelhead Guide model. Rather than 23 inches, the sides on this boat are 30 inches. The bottom width of 57 inches is the same as the standard Salmon/Steelhead Guide model and the old School High Side has the same unique ClackaCraft Bottom with Tunnel Hull, Gulf Stream Bottom and Tracking Channels.

The oarsman may be accompanied by up to three passengers on the front bench seat. Typically everyone will have their rods in rod holders. Both the front passenger bench seat and the oarsman bench seat are fully adjustable for fore-aft trim regardless of loading and distribution of weight. The rowing bench seat comes standard with a comfortable padded white tractor seat.
Gunwales 17' 8"
Centerline 16'
Beam 85 ½"
Oar Lock Height 32"
Bottom Width 57"
Side Height 30"
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