Drift Boat Hulls

For 40 years, ClackaCraft has been building the most reputable and durable drift boat hulls in the industry. We know how important it is to have the right tool for the job, which is why we’ve developed and perfected the widest range of hull designs available. From our stealthy HeadHunter to our wave-busting Old School High side, ClackaCraft has a hull guaranteed to optimize your time on the water.

Factors such as side height, beam, length, rocker profile, foot print, and interior layout all determine a boat’s performance characteristics and capabilities. If you have any questions, our experienced and helpful sales team can help guide you into the perfect boat for how and where you fish.


Quick and maneuverable with exceptional holding ability, the Eddy has quickly become a favorite among guides in the intermountain west and beyond. Adapted from our widely popular 16’ LP hull, the Eddy’s wider transom improves back-end weight capacity and back-rowing, while its larger chine radius slides across seams and crabs like a dream.

  • Exceptional holding
  • Low sides to stay under the wind
  • Wide chine radius for exceptional crabbing and seam transition.
Gunwales 17′ 6″ Bottom Width 56″
Centerline 15′ 11″ Side Height 19″
Beam 78″ Weight Approx. 260
Oar Lock Height 23″ Motor 3-6 hp

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16′ Big Eddy

The Big Eddy is finally here to chase coastal steelhead and push right through those big wave trains during spring runoff. In 2012, the 16′ Eddy was introduced and quickly became our most popular boat and the standard to which all other drift boats are compared. We love rowing the agile ClackaCraft Eddy and wanted a higher-sided version to take on some bigger whitewater. The Big Eddy has the same bottom dimensions, softer chine radius, and wider back end that make the original 16′ Eddy such a dream to row. We’ve simply raised the side height by 4″ all the way around to give a little more peace of mind on the rowdiest of rivers. Sometimes, bigger is better.

  • Exceptional holding
  • 24″ side height for enhanced whitewater capability
  • Wide chine radius for exceptional crabbing and seam transition
Gunwales 17′ 10″ Bottom Width 56″
Centerline 16′ 6″ Side Height 24″
Beam 82″ Weight Approx. 285
Oar Lock Height 26″ Motor 3-6 H.P.

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16′ Standard Side

Our most versatile hull, the “tried and true” 16’ Standard-Side can do it all. The 23” sides and 57” bottom width provide excellent stability and security in rough water while handling substantially better than most McKenzie-style drift boats.

  • Ultimate versatility
  • Extremely stable
Gunwales 17′ 4″ Bottom Width 57″
Centerline 15′ 10″ Side Height 23″
Beam 83″ Weight Approx. 285
Oar Lock Height 25″ Motor 3-10 hp

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16′ Low Profile

The hull by which all others are measured, the 16’LP continues to set the standard for how a drift boat should row. Popularized in the intermountain west, this boat is now commonly found from the Yakima to the Delaware and everywhere in between.

  • Exceptional tracking
  • Low sides stay under the wind
  • Maximum angler separation
Gunwales 18′ Bottom Width 56″
Centerline 16′ 5″ Side Height 19″
Beam 78″ Weight Approx. 270
Oar Lock Height 23″ Motor 3-6 hp

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18′ ClackaMAX

Large and in charge while maintaining exceptional rowing characteristics, the MAX has developed a loyal following on a surprisingly wide variety of rivers. Redesigned for 2017, the MAX features a taller transom for improved white water performance and increased width for even more stability

  • Unmatched load capacity
  • Highly modular seating configurations
  • Exceptional stability and tracking
Gunwales 19′ 9″ Bottom Width 60″
Centerline 18′ 3″ Side Height 25″
Beam 85″ Weight Approx. 450
Oar Lock Height 25″ Motor 10 hp

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HeadHunter Skiff II 360

Perhaps the best rowing drift boat on the planet, the HeadHunter is in a league of it’s own amongst skiffs. With minimal draft and ultra-low sides, the Headhunter can go where other boats can’t. If the fish you chase live in skinny, tight, windy areas, this is your boat.

  • Exceptional holding
  • Ultra low sides stay under the wind
  • Unmatched shallow water performance
Gunwales Bottom Width 55″
Centerline 15′ Side Height 17″
Beam 69″ Weight Approx. 200
Oar Lock Height 19″ Motor 3-6 hp

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17′ Magnum Power Drifter

The 17-foot Magnum is the newest boat being produced by Clackacraft. It’s a combination Power and Drift boat, commonly referred to in the industry as a “Power Drifter.” Power upriver to a spot and then jump on the oars to stealthily slide the boat into the desired location. And after you drift through, power back upriver to make another drift.

Centerline 17′ Bottom Width 54″
Beam 78″ Motor 35-40 hp Jet
Weight Approx. 600

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16′ High Side

Attention white water enthusiasts: after numerous requests for an ultra high sided boat, we are pleased to introduce the Old School High Side. By adding 7” of additional side height to our popular 16’ Standard Side hull, this boat has the side height to handle the toughest whitewater scenarios.

Gunwales 17′ 8″ Bottom Width 57″
Centerline 16′ 3″ Side Height 30″
Beam 85.5″ Weight Approx. 335
Oar Lock Height 32″ Motor 3-10 hp

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Other Drift Boat Models

10′ Don Hill

Classic 10′ Pram boat by Don Hill

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